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Who Juants Pablo Puns?

Posted on by Shawn

Nobody. Nobody Juants them. So why do I keep making them? Because Juan Pablo is such a hunk of a man?


I mean, I’m not denying his hunky-ness factor (I imagine that’s how men are rated on their looks), but I am denying that as the reason for my usage of terrible puns. The real reason, of course, is that The Bachelor keeps using them to advertise how incredibly awesome Juan Pablo’s name is. Since The Bachelor is the definition of cool, and since I desire to be cool, I must therefor use these puns as well…even if I don’t Juant to.

Also, I might have recently been the Gaffer for a series of regional commercials for Rochester Appliance, starring Juan Pablo himself!

Yeah, that’s probably the real reason I’m punning.

The commercials also star some local Rochester talent, including Jeff Miller & Dresden Engle (Both of whom I’m just so lucky enough to be friends with). Directed & Written by Sullivan Slentz, Shot by Aaron Gordon, and Art Directed by Chantal Massuh.

Check ’em out!

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