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We’ve been Robbed!

Posted on by Shawn

Hold on to your photos boys and girls, there’s a picture thief on the loose!

…by which I, of course, mean all of the pictures from my posts and portfolio are now MISSING! Egads! Whatever shall I do!?

Well, I’ll tell you. Unfortunately, most of the pictures from my posts were cell phone pictures that I no longer have. However, any pictures I do still have will hopefully be returned to their rightful places soon enough. As for anything I can’t find or replace – Let’s just say I’m considering enlisting the help of my good friend, Paint.

Real Talk: A bug got into my account, causing the need to strip the site and re-upload everything. Sadly, there were casualties, but Inspector McQuaid out-smarted the baddies just enough to save everything else!

My Dear Pictures,

You will be missed. Everyone who saw you shall revel in the memories you brought, and everyone who did not will be extremely confused by the words in my previous posts forevermore.

With Loving Memories,

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