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If any of you are Croatian, you know what that means. If not, LEARN. I’m not going to tell you.

Remember that time I went to Croatia? No? Did I not tell you all about it? Okay. Well. Hmmm. So I studied abroad in Dubrovnik, Croatia this past spring…WAIT. I did tell you about this, you just forgot, silly!

Anyways, while there, the seven film students each made a film and each of them is in Croatian with Croatian actors in Croatia. WOAH. So basically they’re pretty neat. I’m not releasing mine on the interwebs yet because I still haven’t decided if I want to submit it to festivals or not, but if and when I do put something up it’ll be here and in my portfolio for your viewing pleasure. I might even post the other films once they appear online because I worked on them too! Hooray!

It means Guidance.

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