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The Sad People

Posted on by Shawn

Look what I got!


Come September, I will join 40 others in being the most miserable of people for 3 whole months! There will be love, there will be war, there will be labor, there will be singing, there will be sadness. So much sadness. Because our lives are miserable, right?

That is not to say, of course, that Pittsford Musicals is a miserable group. Quite the contrary! Actually, having not worked with them yet, I have no idea. I’m sure they are all glorious people though…unless they’re being miserable. Get it? Do you get the joke yet!?

Now I’m sure you’re curious what role I got, but you’ll have to come see the show to find out! It’ll be going up in Novemeber in Rochester, NY.

Okay, okay. Fine, I’ll tell you now. I’m Labourer/Diner 1 and also part of a rambunctious group of revolutionary students…but over 200 people tried out, and I was lucky enough….err talented enough to get in. So that’s pretty neat.

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