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The Best of All the Boys

Posted on by Shawn

The girls may have been better, but that doesn’t even matter. I was the Best Boy.

I like to think it was because of my good behavior. Others might say it’s because I was second in command to Rick Shannon, the Gaffer for Routine Involvements’ new music video. He’s a pretty cool cat.

Brought to you by Mike Schifino and a whole bunch of other talented folk, feast your eyes on “UFO.”

Weren’t those floating blue bulbs just glorious? They wouldn’t let me touch the big lights until I hung all of them…

…and then I got to be a human flicker box. We didn’t have enough for the row of flickering background lights, so myself and some grips made magic with manual dimmers and our hands. Wink.

Oh. And I also lit some things. A wide open, abandon warehouse is a fantastic place to work. We should do that more often.

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