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That Grip Truck Operator Guy

Posted on by Shawn

This past summer I was hired as a Grip Truck Driver/Operator/Master of all things within. I always thought this position (aside from the driving bit) was called a “Swing,” but now I’m not so sure. Every time I think I’ve got set language down, I work with new people and it’s like they switched over from French to Latin. Latin!? I mean, who even speaks that anymore?

In the future, I think I’ll hire a translator to translate all the fancy set language for me.

Anywho, this commercial was renting EFP’s Grip Truck and I got to be the guy to drive it to set and hand out all the gear inside!

And then came the loneliness.


Look at that shadow. Look how lonely it is. Look.

I discovered that “Guard” was also in my job description. I so very much wanted to help while the filming took place (and felt so very guilty that I wasn’t), but somebody had to guard the truck from sneaky thieves and be there in case any equipment was needed.

It’s an important job. I appreciate the work and the experience, but if I had my choice I’d be on set every time. However, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do this again. Au contraire, give me a call if you ever need That Grip Truck Operator Guy.

Someone please tell me what it’s actually called.

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