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Posted on by Shawn

Ever heard of “The Best Man”? No, not the one at your wedding, silly, the movie! Granted, it is about a best man (well, apparently THE best man), but still…

Recently, I found myself working with the EPK crew at the Buffalo Bills stadium for “The Best Man Holiday.” The only thing was…it was transformed into another team’s stadium! E-gads! You can only imagine what happened when the Buffalo Bills actually showed up in the middle of shooting.

This production was easily the largest one I’ve been a part of thus far. By my count at lunch, I’d say about 100-150 people were on set. That tops my previous record of 30 by a smidgeon!

Anyways, I ran sound for some stuff and set up lights in a very drippy tunnel while I watched Taye Diggs, who is apparently an actor I should know about, act from afar. I can’t show you pictures of the set, but I can show you proof that I was there!



Nothing. The Buffalo Bills did nothing when they showed up.

I know you were wondering.

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