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Art Direction & FX

Though most of my experience on set thus far has been as a videographer or grip, I also thoroughly enjoy dabbling in Practical Special FX. I also enjoy Set Design, FX Make-up, building Specialty Props, and Art Direction as a whole.

Practical Special Effects

Directed by Carl Hoffelder

Special FX Gore Make-up

Directed by Jesse Thoman.

Art Director, Set Design, & Wound Make-up

Directed by Josh Weis.

Practical Effects & Specialty Props

Directed by myself (Getting Directions).

Set Design & Specialty Props

Directed by myself (Rupture).


(Under Construction)

“Belvedere”Cracked Skin Effect

“Doppelganger” Corpse (Incomplete)

“Doppelganger”Creature Mask (Incomplete Paint Job)

“Safehouse”Leg Wound