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No Choice

Posted on by Shawn

Man, lighting this video was such a rough experience. Never have I had such hurtles to get over on a set before! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong:

1) It was a beautiful, fall-pretending-to-be-summer weekend.
2) We were filming at a pool.
3) There were beautiful people everywhere.
4) Most of the beautiful people were in bathing suits.

HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO CONCENTRATE WITH ALL OF THAT!? Murphy’s law, my friends. Murphy’s law.

A vast majority of this video was lit with my new favorite tool, shiny boards! So much shine. So much sun power. We also used mirrors to reflect light into the lens of the camera to give the video a little extra flare…badump chhh!

AND we got to make a grip fort. NO GIRLS ALLOWED. We fought them off with C-Stand arms…Floppies, plywood, and plexiglass all came together to create a safe environment to smash a CRT TV – which just so happens to explode with noxious gases when you poke it too hard.

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