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My Friend is Dying and You Think it’s Funny?

Posted on by Shawn

Dear Jack. I loved you like a brother. Yes, you were unresponsive, your personality was rubbery (at best), and you were hard to be around sometimes, but you never moved. I liked that about you because it made me feel safe always knowing where you were. Until that day. That fateful day when you invited ‘friends’ over and nobody else was around to get the door…your first movement was your last. RIP Jack.


So…Jack might have never been alive, and he might be made out of plastic and rubber, and he may be a mannequin…but he was a $60,000 mannequin! That’s gotta be worth something, right?

Oh. Context time. Right then…Henrietta Ambulance has begun to do simulations again (I helped out before when they did them in the Fall of 2012). A super expensive mannequin that breathes, blinks, talks, and even has dilating eyes is placed in a room with a series of symptoms. I (and my friends Allie Trimboli and Samantha Geffen) have to muster all of our acting prowess to act as though these mannequins are co-workers, friends, and/or family members while a team of paramedics (in training I think?) comes in to deal with the situation as best they can. Our job?

Freak out and be as obnoxious and in the way as possible.

At least, that’s the most fun way to go about it, and I like to think it’s the most useful. We’re basically there to add another level of reality to the simulation. The best part is when the team doesn’t take the simulation seriously and I get to attack them (verbally!) for laughing while my loved one is dying. @$$holes (<-That's in character, I love you guys!). Who knew I could care so much about plastic?

P.S. – I learned how to spell mannequin over the course of writing this post.

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