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It’s a Reverse Explosion! BOOM!

Posted on by Shawn

Today I woke up at 5am to film this new fancy thing they call an ‘implosion.’ I hear it’s the opposite of an explosion, so something must be being built from explosives instead of being destroyed by them, right? Right.

Since I doubt this amazing feat happens very often, we at ICAT and PCTV have set up 11 cameras around the perimeter of ground zero! 6 unmanned cameras on the roof of a neighboring building and 5 more from a safe distance on the ground (though I don’t know why we need to be a ‘safe’ distance from something that’s being built up and away from us. It’s not like anything is falling after all.)

In any case, here’s some pictures of our set-up to hold you over until I post the video later in the week:

My laptop is streaming a Ustream feed and sending it to Ch. 12 live. We cheated a little bit, but nobody knows. Shhh.

One of 6 cameras from badass vantage points. Old people can be in this building, but apparently we can’t.

Safely off in the distance I discovered that the implosion already happened! We missed it. A tower stands where once there was none. This is saddening to me.

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