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Hey Shawn! What’s going on with your film projects!?

Posted on by Shawn

Why hello there internets! I’m glad you asked. And thus, I shall now tell you. The answer. To life.

OR maybe just the answer to your question. We’ll see.

So! I have two projects I’m working on right now. One of them (which you can see a glimpse of here) is tentatively entitled Guidance. This production was filmed during this past Spring in Dubrovnik, Croatia and I have just entered the Post Production phase for this project after taking a short break. I’m currently syncing the Audio (from the Zoom H4n) to the Video footage (from the 5D MkII) and will begin editing shortly after.

The other project, on the other hand, has just begun. I won’t tell you too much about it because I don’t want to give anything away just yet, but I’ll be posting clues for you throughout the summer (So follow my blog and you can figure out what I’m doing! /EndShamelessSelfPromotion). What I will tell you is that I’ve just entered Pre-production after getting my proposal passed (This project is my senior thesis for RIT this coming school year) and that I’m working on character sketches (outlining every aspect of a character’s life so that during the script writing process I can answer the “Would this character do this?” question).

So that’s what I’m up to! And now you know. So stop pestering me.

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