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Hey Shawn! Stop asking us for money! We want UPDATES!

Posted on by Shawn

I’m sorry internets, it’s not my fault I’m poor. Well, ok, I guess it is, but it’s for a good cause!

And as incentive, I will now provide you all (The 3 people who actually probably read this) with some news.

I had lunch with the VP of Marketing at Disney the other day. Them silly security guards still can’t spell my name right. First time I went, I was Shawn Gary. Yesterday, I was Shawn Grasy. Really? Is it that hard? I can’t wait until I’m Shawn Gay because that’ll bring back memories of oh so many clever humorous jokes that none but the smartest kids in middle school could come up with.

Anywho, I saw the Disney lot which was awesome, but being built for animation it was rather small (Or so I’m told. Do I look like I’ve been to many studio lots? Probably. Your right. Well I’ll tell you a secret. I haven’t).

I was also recently in the audience of a show called “Baggage” hosted by Jerry Springer AND I just got cast in a new(er) web show called “The Vault.” check ’em out here: http://vaultshow.com/ Oh, and I also got a job editing the pilot of a web show called “The Activists.”

In other news, I’ve made progress on “Literally Figurative,” that film I know you all love to support! We now have a producer (Stephen Jones) and the script(s) (Yes there’s more than one story line I’m considering) are soon to be sent out for feedback! Yay progress!

And that’s all for the weather, back to you.

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