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Gutenberg! The Musical! The Blog Post!

Posted on by Shawn

Over the summer, the two person, comedy duo, pair of people known as “These Two Fools” put on a not so well known show called “Gutenberg! The Musical!” But who are these fools and what is this show all about?

We made a video so you could find out.

We basically talk about everything I would write about here in the video, so I suppose I’ll just summarize a few things for all you important people who don’t have six whole minutes to spare:

– “Gutenberg! The Musical!” is a two-man show about Bud and Doug wanting to get their show about Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, to broadway. However, since the pair are performing a reading of the musical, there is no set (aside from cardboard boxes), few props, and no cast. Bud and Doug play every one of over 20 characters in the show themselves by switching named hats.

– We directed, choreographed, and acted the entire show ourselves. We even painstakingly transferred almost every note of the score to a nifty little digital program (The name of which escapes me. I must have blocked it from my memory) because we didn’t even have a pianist! Oh, and did I mention there’s no set crew either?

-This was our first real world production and was probably one of the best experiences of my life thus far.

– I love this show more than anything ever. (Show joke…but not entirely false…)

Special shout out to MuCCC for allowing us to perform at their theater and to everyone who helped us along the way!

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