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Get out your Lederhosen!

Posted on by Shawn

Oktoberfest has come and gone in Irondequoit, NY (One of Rochester’s many towns for those geographically challenged) and I got to make some Web Promos to advertise this joyous event filled with Traditional German music, dance, food, and – you guessed it – Beer! But they were all out of the German stuff when I got off work, so it was Samuel Adams for me! Sadface.

But I’ve moved on since then. I swear.

So what did I do to advertise such a grand event? Why, I played with toys of course!

Here’s a picture of the white “seamless” I used for my backdrop (20 pieces of printer paper and white foam-core *cough cough* I’m a professional.)

And this is the delightful picture on the back of the foam-core that scared everyone else clear out of the studio…or would have had I not already been alone.

And so! The following three promos were made! The first two were released in the two weeks leading up to the party in the big tent, and the last one came in between the two weekends that Oktoberfest was running. Enjoy!

Oktoberfest 2012: Web Promo #1

Oktoberfest 2012: Web Promo #2

Oktoberfest 2012: Web Promo #3

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