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FighterSource HD

Posted on by Shawn

People beat each other up right in front of me. I figured I should film it instead of trying to break it up.


FighterSource HD had some kind of tournament recently. They set up an MMA Cage in an Ice Rink in Cortland, NY to which Myles (the other Cage Cam Op) and I were attached. I was living life on the wild side – filming from a 2’x 2′ rickety platform with no walls and nothing preventing me from falling to my doom…until I was brought a Porta-Brace strap for safety. Thanks, Porta-Brace! You’re my savior.


We were using Sony NX Cams (which I despise) for the cage matches and also for the 2nd camera on the pre-fight interviews – both of which I was filming handheld. SO MANY HOURS OF HANDHELD. Arm amputation may be required. I’m currently typing this all with my left hand.

Other notable moments were a fighter’s dome piece getting cut open and spewing blood mere inches from my face, and me getting the chance to use magnets in place of CP-47s! Huzzah for innovation.

After all that, I left at 2:00am thinking one thing: How much do those ring girls get paid to look pretty and hold ‘Round 1’ signs for two seconds during each fight? Probably more than me.

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