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Dear Los Angeles

Posted on by Shawn

Why hello there Los Angeles!

After 4.5 days of travel, I’m here. I arrived this past Saturday, only to find out that my apartment doesn’t have internet! Luckily, I have discovered a Starbucks down the street that does. Thanks Starbucks! You’re a life saver.

I went to my first day at New Wave Entertainment today, but they sent me home because they can’t figure out where to put me. I guess I’m just useless…sadface. OR I’m just that good that all the departments are fighting over who gets to have me. Ya. Probably that one.

I’m going back at 4 today so we can actually figure out where I’m going to end up. Regardless, NWE looks awesome and I’m pumped to intern for them! Even though they won’t give me money…

So ya. I’m in NoHo (That’s North Hollywood for all you uneducated non-Californians out there). It’s a pretty cool place. Everything’s in walking distance, but I think I’ll get a bike. I like bikes.

AAAANNNDDD since I’m here, if any famous, semi-famous, or not-so-famous-at-all people happen upon this post and just so happen to have work in, oh I dunno, the film industry or something, let me know!

Oh. Also. Today on the bus I met a strange man who talked to me because I was reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I just wanted to read strange man. Stop talking to me. Please. But he did give me some suggestions on other books to read, and with the lack of internet, that may prove useful. So thank you creepy guy! I guess.

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