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Barbecue Baste Me at Your Will

Posted on by Shawn

Dresden Engle and Daniel Lauritzson wrote a show and now they’re famous! Fringe famous. Rochester Fringe famous.

I so knew them before they were cool.

Dresden wrote the book/lyrics and Dan wrote the music. The entire cast (except one!) was stolen from the Pittsford Musicals production of “Les Miserables” last Fall, which I just so happened to have been in! And then I was in this. And it was awesome. And I was barbecue basted. “The Cougar & The Cabana Boy”!

Working on a completely new, original musical was a fascinating experience, and one that I am incredibly grateful for. Everything is from scratch. There’s no previous production to pull from. There are no other actors that played your role to imitate. The script gets changed during rehearsal to work in ways it wasn’t before. It’s all just you and the people you’re working with in that moment. Pure creative goodliness! GUSH SESH OVER.

And now, a montage of silliness!

More footage and pictures to come! The team is currently working on a feature length version of the show (This one was less than an hour as per Fringe requirements), so keep an eye, ear, and tongue out for a bigger, better, and more delicious Boy Buffet in the future!

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