Who is Shawn Gray?

It's me, your friendly neighborhood Shawn. I would like you to know that I have not yet achieved the status of "THE man," but I am A man. One of many men, if you will, and I trust that you will.

Filmmaker. Performer. Traveler.

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No Choice

Posted on by Shawn

Man, lighting this video was such a rough experience. Never have I had such hurtles to get over on a set before! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong: 1) It was a beautiful, fall-pretending-to-be-summer weekend. 2) We were … Continue reading

The Best of All the Boys

Posted on by Shawn

The girls may have been better, but that doesn’t even matter. I was the Best Boy. I like to think it was because of my good behavior. Others might say it’s because I was second in command to Rick Shannon, … Continue reading

How Does This Cowboy Make You Feel?

Posted on by Shawn

About a month ago I worked G/E on a music video and never posted about it! GASP. You’ve been missing out, and it’s my fault. I am so very sorry. To make up for it, let’s play “Where is Shawn?” … Continue reading

I Won’t Quit!

Posted on by Shawn

I shot and edited a music video – with and for kids! I must have a soul after all, right? Right!? – and “No One’s Going to Keep Me Down”…except for Youtube. They apparently do dumb things to colors. Silly … Continue reading

A Hand Greeting of Happiness

Posted on by Shawn

I was recently on a music video shoot for a local Rochester band called Joywave. Give their stuff a listen HERE Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come! What does it mean!?