Who is Shawn Gray?

It's me, your friendly neighborhood Shawn. I would like you to know that I have not yet achieved the status of "THE man," but I am A man. One of many men, if you will, and I trust that you will.

Filmmaker. Performer. Traveler.

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Theater or Theatre?

Posted on by Shawn

Who knows! What I do know is that I thoroughly enjoy when my two worlds collide, and I get to make promotional videos for theatrical performances and theater(re) companies. Here are a few examples of the ones I’ve done in … Continue reading

You’re a wizard, Harry.

Posted on by Shawn

One time my inner nerd became my outer nerd and I made this video. But I made it for a cause! And pieces of it were featured on TWC: TWC News And the team at Dresden Public Relations (DPR) even … Continue reading

A Year in Review

Posted on by Shawn

Many things have happened this year and I have posted about none of them! So to continue this lazy trend, I will simply list some of the things that have happened and hope that I will get less lazy one … Continue reading


Posted on by Shawn

BREAKING NEWS! The featured video on my portfolio page has been changed! It might be the first time ever…but why watch it there when you can just watch it here!? Matt O’Neill and I geared up for a fast paced … Continue reading

Rig It Up

Posted on by Shawn

Friends, viewers, random people that don’t know how they got onto this website: I have a confession to make. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit shaky. Wobbly, jello-y, and downright jittery. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. So, … Continue reading

As Good As Dirt

Posted on by Shawn

Semi-recently, I was a PA on a shoot for Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I learned that I was as good as dirt: We needed to get the camera lower than the ground, but that’s impossible!* So instead, we got the … Continue reading


Posted on by Shawn

PUPPIES!? Surely not pup pies!? NO. Just PUP. The Purpose United Project. But everyone loves puppies and therefore everyone will now read this post. Get this app. Get deals. Support causes of your choosing. Save the world! I was a … Continue reading

The Blacksmith

Posted on by Shawn

RØDE Microphones is in the midst of their My RØDE Reel Competition, and I entered a film! The only rules were that it had to be under five minutes and the required accompanying Behind the Scenes video had to showcase … Continue reading