Who is Shawn Gray?

It's me, your friendly neighborhood Shawn. I would like you to know that I have not yet achieved the status of "THE man," but I am A man. One of many men, if you will, and I trust that you will.

Filmmaker. Performer. Traveler.

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Pre-production, production, and post production updates following my senior thesis project.

It’s Figurative! Literally!

Posted on by Shawn

Remember that time I was raising money for a thesis project and I didn’t show you anything from the film? Well now I’m showing you something! Here’s a taste of what’s to come. Gobble it up my little birdies! (Or … Continue reading

Hey Shawn! Stop asking us for money! We want UPDATES!

Posted on by Shawn

I’m sorry internets, it’s not my fault I’m poor. Well, ok, I guess it is, but it’s for a good cause! And as incentive, I will now provide you all (The 3 people who actually probably read this) with some … Continue reading

Wait, films cost money to make?

Posted on by Shawn

Ya! It surprised me too, but never fear! I have a plan, and guess what? You get to help! You’re so lucky. I know what you’re thinking now. “Golly gee, Shawn. How am I supposed to help?” Well I’ll tell … Continue reading