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It has recently come to my attention that pictures were once printed out on paper, tape was used instead of Solid State Drives, and Betacam tapes were used for…well, who knows? Records get sloppy throughout history, so can we really trust them?

And now you say to me “But SHAWN! (Yes, you yell my name. I don’t like it when people yell at me.) How could there have ever been such a thing in this world!? That could never work. I don’t believe you.”

And to that I say, NAY! (Yes, I yell back at you. Did you expect any less?) It was a thing. And I have proof.

Nate and I went on an adventure to build a time machine and send video back into the past. This is what it looked like:

3TB External (containing the media we wished to write to betacam) connected to laptop via Firewire 800. Media opened on laptop in FCP7, prepared to write to tape. Laptop connected to JVC Tape Deck via Firewire 400. JVC Tape Deck connected to monitor via (either Component, SDI, or BNC. We switched it out so many times to get it to work I don’t remember) to, well, monitor things. Monitor connected to Betacam Deck in a similarly ridiculous fashion.

Did it work?


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