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As Good As Dirt

Posted on by Shawn

Semi-recently, I was a PA on a shoot for Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I learned that I was as good as dirt:


We needed to get the camera lower than the ground, but that’s impossible!* So instead, we got the ground higher than the camera.

Then we had to get the score card to stick straight up with less than a few inches of puny dirt to hold it. What does that mean? Call in a PA! They’re basically as good as dirt** (or better!) and not as puny (theoretically). I was even warned not to hurt myself while I willingly reached for a sharp, pointy object as it plunged toward my extremities.

Joking aside, the shoot was actually awesome! And also safe, I assure you. It’s always amusing finding out what I’ll be doing next in the all encompassing role of Production Assistant. I’m happy to announce that I did not get myself stabbed – not even a little bit.

I would also highly recommend that all future shoots take place on golf courses. Golf cart rides all day long!

*Impossible is nothing.
**PA’s are not dirt. This is a joke. GET OVER IT.

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