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And I’m Back! Bazaami!

Posted on by Shawn

Hello all you loverly people who look at my website on a daily basis! I know you have been saddened that itsashawngray.com has been down for a few months now, but fear not! I was transferring to a new host and things got a bit funky. And by a bit, I mean really. Like a lot. Anyways, we are now hosted by A Small Orange so everything should be hunky-dory and fantastical from here on out!

So what have I been up to? Well, there’s quite a bit to tell since last we spoke. Here’s a basic rundown:

I started doing Improv. Not scripted. Mostly comedy. Yikes! And I just performed with a group called “Brainwreck” in the Del Close Marathon in NYC!

I performed in the lead role of CB in a show called “Dog Sees God.” First performance in the round!

I finished “Literally Figurative,” and though the rough got a lot of criticism, the final cut was met with the praise I was hoping for! Success!

I am now working for the Town of Irondequoit doing production and scheduling for ICAT (Irondequoit Community Access Television) and working as a freelancer in Rochester

I am currently interning in the G/E department for an indy feature called “Dan is Missing.” One more week left!

So there’s that. More information on those various things to come, but until then, check out my portfolio! I’ve already begun updating it, and more videos/pictures/information will be posted shortly!

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