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Acting: Stage

Here you’ll find plays, musicals, and improv shows I’ve performed in, with the roles I played, pictures, and even video on occasion!

Also, please note that when my website went down, a sneaky picture thief stole some of my old pictures! Never fear. In time, they will be returned to their rightful places.

Romeo & Juliet

Presented by WallByrd Theatre Co.
Directed by Virginia Monte
(Summer 2016)

Role: Benvolio

The Cougar & The Cabana Boy (World Premiere)

Music by Daniel Lauritzson
Book & Lyrics by Dresden Engle
Directed by Dresden Engle
(Fall 2014)

Role: Pool Boy Shawn

Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein

Presented by JCC Centerstage
Directed by Danny Hoskins
(Spring 2014)

Role: Victor Frankenstein

YoungFrankenstein (1866 of 1462)

YoungFrankenstein (1933 of 1462)

Improvamonium 2014

Every year, RIT Improv hosts a two day improv festival known as Improvamonium. As alums, Allie Trimboli and I played a set as Stereotipickle.
(Spring 2014)

Les Misérables

Presented by Pittsford Musicals
Directed by Michael Pincelli
(Fall 2013)

Role: Laborer, Diner 1, Student Ensemble

Gutenberg! The Musical!

Presented by These Two Fools
Directed by Shawn Gray & Thomas Macias
(Summer 2013)

Role: Bud Davenport (Lead)

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

Presented by RIT Players
Directed by Jim Simmonds
(Spring 2012)

Role: CB (Lead)

© Paige Satterly

Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge

Presented by RIT Players
Directed by Thomas Macias and Allie Trimboli
(Winter 2012)

Role: Ebeneezer Scrooge (Lead)


© Allie Trimboli

Loustin Presents: Couples’ Retreat

A Two-prov event at RIT marking the first performance of “These Two Fools.”
(Winter 2012)

Exit the King

Presented by RIT Players / COLA
Directed by Gerald Argetsinger
(Winter 2011)

Role: The Guard (Supporting Lead)

The Visit

Presented by RIT Players / COLA
Directed by Gerald Argetsinger
(Spring 2010)

Role: Policeman (Supporting)

Much Ado About Nothing

Presented by RIT Players
Directed by John Oliphant
(Winter 2010)

Role: Verges (Minor)