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A Year in Review

Posted on by Shawn

Many things have happened this year and I have posted about none of them! So to continue this lazy trend, I will simply list some of the things that have happened and hope that I will get less lazy one day and post more about them.

– Cruised on my birthday to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico (GoPro evidence to come! I swear…)

– Got my first leading role at Blackfriars in their production of “Shakespeare’s R&J” as Student 1 (Romeo, etc.)

– Worked on commercials as a grip and audio tech for Batavia Downs Gaming

– Acted in (and am now editing) a short horror film called “Zone of Alienation,” written by Jenna Wright of Mad Raven Films

– Shot BTS stills for an NRG commercial/promo in the country on a beautiful farm

– DP’d my first spot. An organ donation piece for bLifeNY under the direction of Nate Stone of Forte Films.

– Played my best role thus far (in my humble personal opinion) – Ty Williamson in Black Sheep Theatre’s production of “Sordid Lives.”

– Created IndieGoGo/Kickstarter videos for Kate Royal’s original play, “Mammoth,” and for the technological love baby of Wes Rockholz and Nick Rabb known as the mobile game “Adventure Guild.”

– Landed my first leading comedic role as Jacob in RAPA’s “La Cage Aux Folles” in the Rochester Fringe Festival

– Was the Best of Boys (Best Boy G/E) on shoots for Memo and professional boxer, Willie Monroe Jr.

– Performed as Johnny Carson in the Strong National Toy Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to bring Twister into the rankings.

– Started work at Dresden PR

– Shot Interviews and B-Roll at the George Eastman House and the Library of Congress for a documentary called “Be Natural,” (About the life, contributions, and films of Alice Guy-Blache) executively produced by Robert Redford and with VO by Jodie Foster. (Following trailer does not include footage shot by me)

– Shot footage for the High Falls Film Festival and met actors Richard Kind and David Zayas

Oh, and my sister got married and I jumped in a Booby Bounce house. Happy New Year!

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