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The Blacksmith

Posted on by Shawn

RØDE Microphones is in the midst of their My RØDE Reel Competition, and I entered a film! The only rules were that it had to be under five minutes and the required accompanying Behind the Scenes video had to showcase a RØDE microphone.

Check out “The Blacksmith” and “The Blacksmith BTS” on the official My RØDE Reel website at the following link:


Or if you’re lazy and don’t want to see how cool their website is / don’t want to vote for me (HOW DARE YOU), I’ve embedded the youtube videos here for your convenience. (See how considerate I am? Perhaps considerate enough to be voted for? Ahem.)

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith BTS

I haven’t directed or written a fiction short in about 2 years now, so this was a welcome opportunity to do so. I’m also a huge proponent of Behind the Scenes videos, so I was thrilled to make one and will continue to do so for my future projects.

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