Who is Shawn Gray?

It's me, your friendly neighborhood Shawn. I would like you to know that I have not yet achieved the status of "THE man," but I am A man. One of many men, if you will, and I trust that you will.

Filmmaker. Performer. Traveler.

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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Hey Shawn! Stop asking us for money! We want UPDATES!

Posted on by Shawn

I’m sorry internets, it’s not my fault I’m poor. Well, ok, I guess it is, but it’s for a good cause! And as incentive, I will now provide you all (The 3 people who actually probably read this) with some … Continue reading

Wait, films cost money to make?

Posted on by Shawn

Ya! It surprised me too, but never fear! I have a plan, and guess what? You get to help! You’re so lucky. I know what you’re thinking now. “Golly gee, Shawn. How am I supposed to help?” Well I’ll tell … Continue reading

Boom! Headshot!

Posted on by Shawn

And that’s a fun joke for all you internet peoples out there. Here’s my headshot. Sadly, no guns involved. Not even virtual ones.

ACMT Video

Posted on by Shawn

Hey! You! Yes you! Do you love Croatia? Do you love college? Do you love colleges in Croatia? Guess what? It doesn’t matter. Watch this video right now! This video was shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia this past April. I was … Continue reading