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It's me, your friendly neighborhood Shawn. I would like you to know that I have not yet achieved the status of "THE man," but I am A man. One of many men, if you will, and I trust that you will.

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Theater or Theatre?

Posted on by Shawn

Who knows! What I do know is that I thoroughly enjoy when my two worlds collide, and I get to make promotional videos for theatrical performances and theater(re) companies.

Here are a few examples of the ones I’ve done in the past year or so:

Two Tickets to Paradise Promo

Moving forward with WallByrd

42nd Street Promo

Welcome to RAPA

I’ve got something to Telly ya!

Posted on by Shawn

Electronic Field Productions made a video about Rochester. I shot some and edited some. And then it won a Telly award for Cinematography/Videography! WOO!

You’re a wizard, Harry.

Posted on by Shawn

One time my inner nerd became my outer nerd and I made this video.

But I made it for a cause!

And pieces of it were featured on TWC: TWC News

And the team at Dresden Public Relations (DPR) even won a PRSA Award for it! We’ve recently entered it for a PRism award this year – news to come! But I won’t tell you if it’s bad…shhhh

A Year in Review

Posted on by Shawn

Many things have happened this year and I have posted about none of them! So to continue this lazy trend, I will simply list some of the things that have happened and hope that I will get less lazy one day and post more about them.

– Cruised on my birthday to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico (GoPro evidence to come! I swear…)

– Got my first leading role at Blackfriars in their production of “Shakespeare’s R&J” as Student 1 (Romeo, etc.)

– Worked on commercials as a grip and audio tech for Batavia Downs Gaming

– Acted in (and am now editing) a short horror film called “Zone of Alienation,” written by Jenna Wright of Mad Raven Films

– Shot BTS stills for an NRG commercial/promo in the country on a beautiful farm

– DP’d my first spot. An organ donation piece for bLifeNY under the direction of Nate Stone of Forte Films.

– Played my best role thus far (in my humble personal opinion) – Ty Williamson in Black Sheep Theatre’s production of “Sordid Lives.”

– Created IndieGoGo/Kickstarter videos for Kate Royal’s original play, “Mammoth,” and for the technological love baby of Wes Rockholz and Nick Rabb known as the mobile game “Adventure Guild.”

– Landed my first leading comedic role as Jacob in RAPA’s “La Cage Aux Folles” in the Rochester Fringe Festival

– Was the Best of Boys (Best Boy G/E) on shoots for Memo and professional boxer, Willie Monroe Jr.

– Performed as Johnny Carson in the Strong National Toy Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to bring Twister into the rankings.

– Started work at Dresden PR

– Shot Interviews and B-Roll at the George Eastman House and the Library of Congress for a documentary called “Be Natural,” (About the life, contributions, and films of Alice Guy-Blache) executively produced by Robert Redford and with VO by Jodie Foster. (Following trailer does not include footage shot by me)

– Shot footage for the High Falls Film Festival and met actors Richard Kind and David Zayas

Oh, and my sister got married and I jumped in a Booby Bounce house. Happy New Year!


Posted on by Shawn

BREAKING NEWS! The featured video on my portfolio page has been changed! It might be the first time ever…but why watch it there when you can just watch it here!?

Matt O’Neill and I geared up for a fast paced shoot when we found out we’d be shooting 5 interviews in 3 different locations in less than a day…oh, and B-Roll too.


Luckily we had a B-Cam and were working with Dresden Engle of Dresden Public Relations, who just so happens to know how to steer an interview to get what she needs quickly. We could have used some more time to light the B-Roll and tweak the interview setups to make them even better, but all things considered (Mainly schedule), I’d say it turned out pretty well!

No Choice

Posted on by Shawn

Man, lighting this video was such a rough experience. Never have I had such hurtles to get over on a set before! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong:

1) It was a beautiful, fall-pretending-to-be-summer weekend.
2) We were filming at a pool.
3) There were beautiful people everywhere.
4) Most of the beautiful people were in bathing suits.

HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO CONCENTRATE WITH ALL OF THAT!? Murphy’s law, my friends. Murphy’s law.

A vast majority of this video was lit with my new favorite tool, shiny boards! So much shine. So much sun power. We also used mirrors to reflect light into the lens of the camera to give the video a little extra flare…badump chhh!

AND we got to make a grip fort. NO GIRLS ALLOWED. We fought them off with C-Stand arms…Floppies, plywood, and plexiglass all came together to create a safe environment to smash a CRT TV – which just so happens to explode with noxious gases when you poke it too hard.

The Best of All the Boys

Posted on by Shawn

The girls may have been better, but that doesn’t even matter. I was the Best Boy.

I like to think it was because of my good behavior. Others might say it’s because I was second in command to Rick Shannon, the Gaffer for Routine Involvements’ new music video. He’s a pretty cool cat.

Brought to you by Mike Schifino and a whole bunch of other talented folk, feast your eyes on “UFO.”

Weren’t those floating blue bulbs just glorious? They wouldn’t let me touch the big lights until I hung all of them…

…and then I got to be a human flicker box. We didn’t have enough for the row of flickering background lights, so myself and some grips made magic with manual dimmers and our hands. Wink.

Oh. And I also lit some things. A wide open, abandon warehouse is a fantastic place to work. We should do that more often.

Barbecue Baste Me at Your Will

Posted on by Shawn

Dresden Engle and Daniel Lauritzson wrote a show and now they’re famous! Fringe famous. Rochester Fringe famous.

I so knew them before they were cool.

Dresden wrote the book/lyrics and Dan wrote the music. The entire cast (except one!) was stolen from the Pittsford Musicals production of “Les Miserables” last Fall, which I just so happened to have been in! And then I was in this. And it was awesome. And I was barbecue basted. “The Cougar & The Cabana Boy”!

Working on a completely new, original musical was a fascinating experience, and one that I am incredibly grateful for. Everything is from scratch. There’s no previous production to pull from. There are no other actors that played your role to imitate. The script gets changed during rehearsal to work in ways it wasn’t before. It’s all just you and the people you’re working with in that moment. Pure creative goodliness! GUSH SESH OVER.

And now, a montage of silliness!

More footage and pictures to come! The team is currently working on a feature length version of the show (This one was less than an hour as per Fringe requirements), so keep an eye, ear, and tongue out for a bigger, better, and more delicious Boy Buffet in the future!

Go Pro on a Steel Beam

Posted on by Shawn

The building of the new Irondequoit Library has given us ICAT folks a bunch of opportunities to play with our toys. I even got to pretend to be a strappingly strong construction worker with an extra chin!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally always wondered what a day in the life of a piece of metal was like, so to get a POV I mounted my Gopro to a steel beam…I swear there’s an innuendo in there somewhere.

And then I donned my pilot goggles and flew!


Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 9.34.37 PM

How Does This Cowboy Make You Feel?

Posted on by Shawn

About a month ago I worked G/E on a music video and never posted about it! GASP. You’ve been missing out, and it’s my fault. I am so very sorry.

To make up for it, let’s play “Where is Shawn?” Can you find me in this BTS video? Your prize is feeling awesome! Go you.

And now that you’re refreshed with your daily dose of Shawn, check out the Official Music Video for Alyssa Trahan’s “Cowboy,” by Optic Sky Productions.

And don’t even bother looking for me. I’m not in it this time.

But it’s still awesome.

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