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It's me, your friendly neighborhood Shawn. I would like you to know that I have not yet achieved the status of "THE man," but I am A man. One of many men, if you will, and I trust that you will.

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Go Pro on a Steel Beam

Posted on by Shawn

The building of the new Irondequoit Library has given us ICAT folks a bunch of opportunities to play with our toys. I even got to pretend to be a strappingly strong construction worker with an extra chin!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally always wondered what a day in the life of a piece of metal was like, so to get a POV I mounted my Gopro to a steel beam…I swear there’s an innuendo in there somewhere.

And then I donned my pilot goggles and flew!


Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 9.34.37 PM

How Does This Cowboy Make You Feel?

Posted on by Shawn

About a month ago I worked G/E on a music video and never posted about it! GASP. You’ve been missing out, and it’s my fault. I am so very sorry.

To make up for it, let’s play “Where is Shawn?” Can you find me in this BTS video? Your prize is feeling awesome! Go you.

And now that you’re refreshed with your daily dose of Shawn, check out the Official Music Video for Alyssa Trahan’s “Cowboy,” by Optic Sky Productions.

And don’t even bother looking for me. I’m not in it this time.

But it’s still awesome.

Return of the Mutton

Posted on by Shawn

And now, starring Devin’s Keys and Shawn’s Mutton, I give you one of Apple Transportation’s spots:
“The 20 Something.”

Is that the actual title? Who knows! But it’s my character name, so it’s probably important. And those clothes, am I right? Devin was so impressed by my suavelicious taste that he just had to wear something from my wardrobe as well.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Rochester, you can probably even see it on TV! Wowzers. Because we all still need those.

Thanks to Rick Shannon for giving us this opportunity! I warned you about the mutton.

I Won’t Quit!

Posted on by Shawn

I shot and edited a music video – with and for kids! I must have a soul after all, right? Right!?

- and “No One’s Going to Keep Me Down”…except for Youtube. They apparently do dumb things to colors. Silly Youtube. You think you know what colors I wanted, BUT YOU DON’T.

Oh, and make sure to watch the Behind the Scenes & Interview with Artist/Lawyer Paul Vincent Nunes, featuring my Beard!

You’ll have to click on this link though. I know, it’s a pain, but the D&C has no embed codes as far as I can see because they clearly want you on their website and not mine. Go ahead. I won’t be offended. Much.

Rig It Up

Posted on by Shawn

Friends, viewers, random people that don’t know how they got onto this website: I have a confession to make. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit shaky. Wobbly, jello-y, and downright jittery. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. So, I decided it was time to get some stabilization…FOR MY CAMERA.

Oh man. I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Up until now I’ve been using a craptastic monopod (not that I have anything against monopods! This particular one I own is just cheap. And also terrible) to add some semblance of stabilization to my DSLR shooting, but then I came across THIS:

It says BEST right in the title, so you know it has to be good. Possibly even…the best.

And now I own it:



It works great! Incredibly helpful, and a touch more professional than the rig you made out of PVC, wood, and black spray paint (DIY FTW!). Shout out to Caleb Pike at dslrvideoshooter.com for posting this a year ago. I feel so up to date now.

The rig is very flexible, the parts can all be used for other rigs, and I’m happy to announce that I’m over my case of the jitters.

Movies Under the Stars

Posted on by Shawn

Do you wanna watch a movie…about wanting to watch a movie? If that just so happens to be your desire right now, I’ve got just the thing for you to watch!

Oh, and I guess if you like Frozen you’ll probably like this too. Probably.

Irondequoit, NY is once again hosting its summer “Movies Under the Stars” event, and guess what? They decided to pick Frozen as the first movie to show. Honestly, how could they expect us to NOT re-write the lyrics and create a completely unique and original idea based on the famous song “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”, that has never been parodied thus far, to promote the event?

We had a lot of fun making this, and we finally got to use our Phantom 2 for something besides photos and test shots! Special Thanks and shout out to Emma Andriatch, our sure-to-be up-and-coming star. You’re welcome, Emma.

Also, did I mention we were on the news? No? Well…WE WERE ON THE NEWS! Woohoo.

Thanks, News 8!

As Good As Dirt

Posted on by Shawn

Semi-recently, I was a PA on a shoot for Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I learned that I was as good as dirt:


We needed to get the camera lower than the ground, but that’s impossible!* So instead, we got the ground higher than the camera.

Then we had to get the score card to stick straight up with less than a few inches of puny dirt to hold it. What does that mean? Call in a PA! They’re basically as good as dirt** (or better!) and not as puny (theoretically). I was even warned not to hurt myself while I willingly reached for a sharp, pointy object as it plunged toward my extremities.

Joking aside, the shoot was actually awesome! And also safe, I assure you. It’s always amusing finding out what I’ll be doing next in the all encompassing role of Production Assistant. I’m happy to announce that I did not get myself stabbed – not even a little bit.

I would also highly recommend that all future shoots take place on golf courses. Golf cart rides all day long!

*Impossible is nothing.
**PA’s are not dirt. This is a joke. GET OVER IT.


Posted on by Shawn

PUPPIES!? Surely not pup pies!?

NO. Just PUP. The Purpose United Project. But everyone loves puppies and therefore everyone will now read this post.

Get this app. Get deals. Support causes of your choosing. Save the world!

I was a Grip/Electric on this project because I believe in their cause. Trust me. You’ll forgive my misdirection about the puppies once you watch the video.

The Blacksmith

Posted on by Shawn

RØDE Microphones is in the midst of their My RØDE Reel Competition, and I entered a film! The only rules were that it had to be under five minutes and the required accompanying Behind the Scenes video had to showcase a RØDE microphone.

Check out “The Blacksmith” and “The Blacksmith BTS” on the official My RØDE Reel website at the following link:


Or if you’re lazy and don’t want to see how cool their website is / don’t want to vote for me (HOW DARE YOU), I’ve embedded the youtube videos here for your convenience. (See how considerate I am? Perhaps considerate enough to be voted for? Ahem.)

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith BTS

I haven’t directed or written a fiction short in about 2 years now, so this was a welcome opportunity to do so. I’m also a huge proponent of Behind the Scenes videos, so I was thrilled to make one and will continue to do so for my future projects.

Mystery Bird

Posted on by Shawn

Since it’s been almost a month since it happened, I figure it’s time to finally post about Improvamonium 2014.

RIT Improv hosts an annual two day improv festival and takes submissions from both college and local troupes. This year, Allie Trimboli and I, as alums, performed as Stereotipickle – our twoprov improv group.

I hadn’t improvised in almost a year. Allie has been living in New York. Oh, and I had a face full of mutton. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Let’s see what happened:

Here’s to six straight hours of improv! And that was only the first day.

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